Gary's Pool and Patio, this time it's personal...

Gary's Pool and Patio is trying to screw my elderly parents and kill their dream of lazing by the pool with their only grandchild. 

I didn't know who they had gone through. 

 I wish they had allowed me to do due diligence on this asshole.

Yep, asshole. Non-judgmental, right? 

Not right now. Not when you try to screw my parents over.

It's not consumer fraud anymore, Gary Lief Zars of San Antonio, TX.  It's theft. 

Mailing address according to last years tax records:
909 NE LOOP 410 ,SUITE 400 

Those same tax records say he owns 8201 SPID. Color me amused though- his 2013 appraisal more than doubled! 
His retail location: valued: 582k 
SAN ANTONIO, TX 78216-2348 (Retail store)

Home, Sweet Home 
SAN ANTONIO, TX 78216-2342

DOB: 9/07/49

Shall we start in Nueces? I always liked the beach...
Oct 99- DUI
Mar 00- Theft of Check (sounds familiar)
Mar 00- Other Criminal Causes (oh! mysterious)
Jun 00- Assault/Attempted Murder (sounds like a fellow you want on your property, right?)
Apr 04- Theft
Nueces County in 11 and 12- pulled over for weight and size of load. The man delivers pools for a living- poorly and, apparently, illegally.
May 00- Fraud charge from Port Royal... Yeah, Gary, they don't need all that money over there, do they? You'll relieve them of some of it.
Oct 04- Civil Lawsuit with 8 different plaintiffs
Oct 07 Bankruptcy (to avoid paying the the people for the above lawsuit)
Oct 05- Tax Issues, apparently. Nueces County v. Gary Zars
May 06- Deceptive Trade Practices law suit
Jan 10- Deceptive Trade Practices lawsuit
July 11- not paying your bills, Gary? It can't be that hard when you're a giant fraud. Debt lawsuit.
Aug 12- Civil Case (still pending)
On to Bexar County we go!
Jan 86- Debt Collection Lawsuit
Feb 97 Damages Lawsuit
Apr 97- Personal Injury and Damages Lawsuit
Feb 02- sued for damages
Feb 02- sued for damages again
Mar 02- sued for damages thrice
Dec 02- sued for... breach of contract. Good, I was about to get bored. Oh, wait, no I wasn't.
Mar 04- someone wanted an injunction against him. God know why, he sounds so goddamn pleasant.
Oct 05- delinquent on taxes. Shocker, right? crooked person be crooked.
Dec 05- sued for breach of contract.
May 06- sued for damages
Mar 07- Arbitration
Oct 90- Delinquent of taxes.
Sept 92- sued for breaching contract.
May 11- sued for "employment, other" 
Aug 04- sued for deceptive trade practices
Apr 77- Unauthorized use of a vehicle. Sooo, at 28 years old you stole a car, Gary? 
Comal County! Huzzah!
Jan 00- Judgement NISI against Mr. Zars
Nov 03-Civil Suit
Jul 12- Sued for breaking a contract... tsk tsk.
Feb 13- sued about taxes by Comal County!
Aug 86- Speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.
Jan 98- Theft by Check...  shocker.
FYI- this is not all the counties he does business in. Some counties are... shall we say, light on the public information.

Business Names: 
Gary's Equipment, Gary's Pool and Patio, Lonestar Fiberglass Pools, LLC, Gary Zars Fiberglass Pools, Inc, US Spa, Gary;s Pool and Patio Store, US Pools

Business Addresses:
San Antonio, TX
San Antonio, TX 78232
Phone (210) 822-6858
Fax (210) 822-7405
New Braunfels, TX
Sales & Retail
Pool Stockyard
1705 IH 35 N
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone (830) 609-9800
Fax (830) 624-7504

Corpus Christi, TX
Sales & Retail
8201 S.P.I.D
Corpus Christi, TX 78412
Phone (361) 853-1500
Fax (361) 853-3642

San Antonio, TX
Sales & Retail
13800 San Pedro
San Antonio, TX 78232
Office (210) 494-5002
Fax (210) 494-8145

Rio Grande Valley
Sales & Retail
1211 E. Expressway 83
Donna, TX 78537
Phone (956) 464-5082
Fax (956) 464-5087

This is strictly information about the company and the weasel who owns it. There are many reports of fraud on the interwebs between the BBB and the Rip Off Report. Heck, there is a troubleshooters video about them trying to steal a grand from a lady until they called the company out on it. 
I just think the world should know- Gary Zars is a heartless bastard and a crook.

Do business with this company at your own risk. 

(FYI, this is all public information. The only thing I am doing is putting it out there in one easy to find location. I am merely using my first amendment right to share data and express my opinion. Thank you)


  1. I was the one who sued for breach of contract, he gave us the run around for 4 years that he would fix our pool and reimburse us for lawyers fees engineers etc. Then a day later he filed Bankruptcy. I have all the Bankruptcy paperwork as well as the next court appt that he will have to attend.

  2. This is the worst pool builder in the history of pool builders. I have made it my short-term mission in life to put this guy out of business (again). I just hope he finishes my 8 month long pool project before he declares bankruptcy (again).

    Thank you for making the public aware and it is hopefully this kind of information that will keep people from giving him more money.

  3. I am one of the victims that got a judgment against Zars in 03 or 04. The guy is a sleeze ball. The first judge had to recuse herself because she was involved in another case about Zars. Second judge ruled in my favor plus attorney fees. Process took over 3 years total.

    Faulty install on hot tub. No returned phone calls. Finally got Zars cornered on failure to provide warranty paperwork as required. Advise if you are in the throws of agony or researching this guy: document every phone call, every interaction.

    I got my money but it was long and tough.