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One Technologies has many an internet complaint- so let's look deeper, shall we?

Texas Business Filings:
One Technologies, LP (32003809418)
One Technologies Management, LLC (32007614897)
One Technologies, LP DBA Delaware One Tech LTD (32035862922)
One Technologies Capital, LLP (32036859331)
Delaware Business Filings:
One Technologies, LP (3296661)
2211 Partners
(INACTIVE) Alroma Technologies
Alex and Roger Enterprises, Inc. (love that site)
2012 Profile:
3 Year Growth: 111%
2011 Revenue: 107.1 million dollars
2008 Revenue: 50.7 million dollars
Number of Employees: 127
They are in the business of "Advertising and Marketing" (but not so far as I have found)

BBB of Texas
Score of F
1976 Complaints

Going by (online): (creepy one, yo... like it's in the closet with a knife!)

MyCredit Health
2211 Partners
Friendzy (ever credit monitoring company needs a social network, right? obvs.)

(Two things: if you feel compelled to check out any of these website and you're not on Chrome- just add www. in front of it. I didn't want to actually link to them. Also, if I listed items twice- I apologize. The names echo one another and... well, I do have a life outside of this one ;) )

8144 Walnut Hill Ln. Ste 510. Dallas, TX 75321 (One Tech and 2211 Partners)
4447 North Central Expressway. Ste. 110 PMB 406. Dallas TX 75205 (ScoreSense and One Tech)
2211 Commerce St. Dallas TX (Alroma Technologies- inactive)
8435 N. Stemmons Fwy. Dallas Tech (owned by One Tech- valued at $192,600)

One Tech- 888-550-8471
One Tech- 469-916-1700
2211 Partners- 885-540-3895

One Tech- 469-916-1707

Overall Management:
Mark E. Henry: CEO President
Jamie D. Schultz: Director of Operations
David Joseph Logsdon: Chief Financial Officer
Alex Chang: Managing Director (and one of the founders)
Roger Chang: Vice President/Manager (other founder)
Kevin Hain: Escalation Manager

One Tech LP
Mark Henry: General Partner, CEO, Pres
Jamie Schultz: Director
Pete Berkland: Manager
Galina Bokov: Quality Assurance Manager (Honey, over a thousand  complaints with the BBB? You're not assuring quality enough)
Tony Fiacable: Chief Technology Officer
Sandra Johnson: Tech Writer
Blaine LeBron: Media Buyer
Brendy Russell: Administration
Ryan Smith: Research Analyst
Sean Kanter: Unknown Position

Random Factoids about the company:
The Changs are brothers. They founded the company in 2000 out in California.
12/02 One Technologies sued 007Phones.Com and CellCellCell.

The People!

Start with the... less exciting
Jamie D Schultz
8819 Handford Dr.
Dallas Tx
Home appraised at $166,750
Gave about 500 dollars last election cycle.

Alex Chang
4026 Travis St. Ste A Dallas TX (appraised at 369,810)
104 Heartwood Dr. Coppell TX (appreaised at 302,150)
4081 Amherst Ave. University Park, TX (appraised at 626,980 owned with Esperanza Midori Mitui)

Mark E. Henry
6430 Northhaven Rd. Dallas, TX (appraised at $1,406,250)
4900 Victor St. Dallas, TX (appraised at $292,840)
In October of 2008, Mr. Henry and J Bear Enterprises, LLC were sued by Capital for Merchants LLC reports that he would have been a marine biologist had he not gotten into... um, tricking people into contracts using deceptive advertising? I'm still not sure what your company does that you can't get for free elsewhere?
(oops, lost my impartial thing... sorry, still pissed about the pool guy)

Onto my favorite... in a schadenfreude kind of way- I'll bold it.
Roger Chang
316 S. Seagoville Rd. Dallas TX (appraised at $176,950)
According to Mr. Chang is "a former CIA operative"
December 2010- Mr. Chang was sued by Citibank for non-payment of $4,486.72 (case DC-10-16530)
July of 2011- Mr. Chang was sued by Bank One for $11, 205.54 (case DC-11-09275)
(Mr. Chang, have you checked your credit? It sounds like it might have taken a hit...)
6066 Azalea Ln. Dallas TX (appraised at $1,281,960)
2323 N. Houston St. Ste 708. Dallas TX (appraised at $124,000)
3326 Choir St. Dallas, TX (appraised at $99,830)

This information is all gleaned from public information. I am merely the gatherer of said information. 

I do not and have not, to my knowledge, had any business dealings with this business. I cannot say if they are legitimate or not- only that I see a great deal of complaints online regarding this company. I do have companies that I *do* use and *do* recommend. 

Regular Monitoring is a part of or works with TransUnion. It does not put an inquiry on your credit report, they give you a score, and they allow you to view what it on your TransUnion report. a part of or works with Experian. Same deal. 
These sites will recommend products to you that they believe will increase your credit score- but I have not received any spam in my e-mail and have been greatly pleased with their service at their cost which is nothing.

Yearly, Official, Monitoring
Once a year you are allowed, by law, to view all three of your official credit reports for free. 
The Website is 
I do not know why it is a .com instead of a .us or .gov but if you want more information about these free reports you can go to:

Thank you!

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