America Shrugs

To suspect and to know are different.

We all suspected that privacy was dead.

Now, we know.

Some are enraged by the confirmation. Some are enraged by the leak that confirmed.

But, many American's shrugged.

"I do nothing illegal. Why should I care?"
"No one care what you ate for dinner or who you are sleeping with"

No? Nothing you say or have said could be used to blackmail you?
You could never be manipulated by your words? Or do you believe the public is too smart to ever be manipulated?

You can't be bothered by the fact that one of your constitutional rights has been erased? 
What precedent does that set?
Is there a right that you are attached to?
Do you like guns? Do you want to believe in the God of your choosing? Do you want to speak out freely?

This illegal search and seizure of our internet/phone records endangers all rights while directly affecting freedom of speech and press. Speech as a terrorist act? (See Boston high school rapper) 

How long until they come for the rest of it? How long until one of the nearly one millions of people with the clearance to look decides that all these gun enthusiasts need their weapon taken- because a gun or the bullets may be of use to a terrorist cell? How long until they round up people with opposing opinions, or just use drones, on people with opposing opinions because dissent might be helpful to a terrorist cell... 

And on and on. 

But, your safety is not guaranteed. No matter how much security or how many rights are sapped from any person: attacks will still happen. Evil will find new and different ways to hurt you... But now, you just exist with less rights. Look at countries that do not offer civil liberties, do you see peace?  
Are the people who've died since PRISM came to be- any less dead because the govt knows who you called? 

To paraphrase Emily Brazelton- maybe you trust Bush/Obama but what about the next leader? Or the one after that? 

How do so many Americans shrug? 

~personal note~

I know that, from me, this rant may strike some as hypocritical. But, my blog's goal is to attempt equilibrium between companies(particularly companies with issues coloring in the lines)  and consumers. 

But, the (fictional) yoga studio with one disgruntled customer is not on my radar- my radar zooms in on those who fight with many consumers. I do not believe all companies are evil, I check out public information with probable cause from sources.

The govt seems to believe that the only way to keep us safe is to treat us like we are all criminals. No probable cause.

Save the innocent by treating them like a threat.
We've seen how they treat threats (torture, drones).
Is that what you want to be?

ETA: I know I'm on Google (hiya govt hive bees) and I know they might bury my condemnation of PRISM- but I don't care. I am an American citizen and it is still my right, and my duty, to speak up against govt corruption and overreach. 

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