Sherman Financial Group or... LVNV Funding/Resurgent

So first off a list of all the companies (thus far) that I have found:
Alegis Corporation
Alegis Group Loan Servicing, LLC
Alegis Group, LLC
Alegis Group, LP
Alianza Pli, Inc.
Anson St. LLC
Ascent Card Services, LLC
Ascent Card Services II, LLC
Ashley Funding Services, LLC (looks like this one was named after one of their daughters... what girl doesn't want a collection agency/factoring company to bear her name?)
COFS Funding, LLC (Credit One Financial)
COFS I Funding, LLC
Creditassist Financial Services
Credit One Bank, NA
Fieldstone Asset Management
First National Bank of Marin
Granite Asset Management, LLC
KKQ, Inc.
Limestone Asset Management, LLC
LVNV Funding, LLC
Marin Credit Card Services
Meeting Street Partners, Inc.
Meeting Street Partners II Original, Inc
Meeting Street Partners II, Inc.
Nassau Mortgage, LLC.
Navarro Real Estate
Resurgent Auto Finance, LLC
Resurgent Capital Services, Inc.
Resurgent Capital Services LP DBA Alegis Corporate Services LP
Resurgent Capital Services PR LLC
Rockville Asset Management
Sfgmx, LLC
Shermco Management Corporation
Sherman Capital Market Original LLC
Sherman Capital Markets, LLC
Sherman Capital, LLC
Sherman Financial Group, LLC
Sherman General Partner Ta, LLC
Sherman Originator II, LLC
Sherman Originator III, LLC
Tradd Street Holdings, LLC
Tradd Street, LLC
Performance Recovery Group
Ventus Capital Services
Receivables Management Solutions

Then there are the schools:
Meeting Street Academy (Non Profit)
Meeting Street Academy- Charleston, LLC (For Profit)
Meeting Street Academy- Spartanburg, LLC (For Profit)

The people:
Benjamin Navarro
Brett Hildebrand
Scott E. Silver
Leslie Gutierrez
Robert A. Roderick
Kennett Kendall
Scott Kester
Wayne Fanebust
Timothy Grant

Or if you want to see the spider web as I've been able to lay it out thus far:

They are getting better at hiding their companies so it becomes harder to see who is leading their company, and I edited the spreadsheet to attempt to make it... well, not the tiniest spreadsheet of all time but if you don't see a manager listing I found them through alternate means (like addresses, phone numbers. etc).

More to come... 


  1. Check out this report from the Federal Trade Commission dated January 2013 called "The Structure and Practices of the Debt Buying Industry". It was compiled from data submitted to the FTC by The Sherman Financial Group and other debt buyers. The report states among other things that the average price paid by debt buyers for portfolios when purchased from original creditors is $0.04 on the dollar. This means that if a debt buyer was to collect the face value of a debt they would be making a 2400% profit on the purchase price of a debt.
    Read it here:

  2. Add this address to the Navarros residentioal real estate addresses - 801 Star Of The West Street Sullivans Island SC 29482

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