Midland Funding, LLC/ Encore Capital Group/Whatever

Encore Capital Group (or as their known to the public Midland Funding)

Per their website:
"Encore Capital Group is a leading provider of debt management and recovery solutions for consumers and property owners across a broad range of assets. Through its subsidiaries, the company purchases portfolios of consumer receivables from major banks, credit unions, and utility providers, and partners with individuals as they repay their obligations and work toward financial recovery. Through its Propel Financial Services subsidiary, the company assists property owners who are delinquent on their property taxes by structuring affordable monthly payment plans."

They also run Encore Consumer Credit Research Institute that they say is a "ground-breaking effort to develop new knowledge about low- and moderate-income consumers."

Let's get to work shall we?

Mrs. Amy Hallows-Anuk, the Senior Vice President of Business Development. She's the one who buys your debt or "debt." The site says that she has gotten, for Midland, 1 billion dollars worth of consumer debt. She appears to live in a house worth an estimated $822,000 at 5243 Le Barron Rd. San Diego, CA with her husband, Hakan Anuk. Neither of them appear too political (no money to Obama or Romney!)

James Brandon Black (or J. Brandon Black, which he apparently prefers) is the CEO, President and etc. Apparently stepping down at the end of this month (May 2013) so I guess I'll keep this one short. He gave $5,000 to a political action committee (more on that later) and is currently selling his house at 15607 Jube Wright Ct. in San Diego, CA for 1.5 million dollars.

Gregory Lawrence Call, Senior Vice President (of what?) and Lawyer for Encore and the Secretary of MRC Receivables, Midland Funding tiny knot (nothing like those folks at Sherman Companies or One Technologies, LP.) He lives at 12306 Boulder View in Ponway, CA in a house worth 900k with his wife Paula. 5 grand to a political action committee.  Big into Real Estate, with his wife, with many deeds/trusts/quit claims and so on. Sued by Sabre Springs Homeowners Association in 2006, filed a harassment charge against some gentleman in 2004.

Carl Eberling, Senior VP of Technology or what most companies that I have worked for call it CTO.  Lives at 31481 Paseo Diosa, San Juan Capistrano, CA, worth an estimated 1.5 million dollars. 5 grand went to the same political action committee of the other two.

Steven Gonabe, Senior VP of Human Resources.Amazingly, this appears to be a rental: 1551 Union St. Unit 502 San Diego CA. These go for about 2.5k per month so make of it what you want there. 5k to that political action committee.

Paul J. Grinberg, Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer. A twice divorced man with too many houses. Eek! So let's move on: Grinberg is the manager of three other companies: International Data Response(with Robert B. Hellman Jr. and Jeffrey E Stiefler), ProMark One Marketing Services, Inc (again with Robert B Hellman Jr. but also with John D. Weil) and PG Mountain Ventures, LLC (by his lonesome).

Brandon Homuth, Senior VP Global Operations. Gentleman is 2.1 million dollars richer thanks to his sale of his house at 1105 La Jolla Rancho Rd. in La Jolla CA. $2400 to that darn political action committee.

Ashish Masih, Senior VP, Legal Collections. Ashish appears to live at 5714 Fallenwood Ln San Diego CA worth 704k. A full 7.5k went to the political action comittee.

Jack Nelson, CEO Propel Financial in Texas. While the main corporate location is in San Antonio, Mr. Nelson must be a music fan as he chooses to commute an hour and half when traffic is good. He lives at 2410 Jarrett in Austin TX.While Propel Financial appears to be the most successful business under Encore either Mr. Nelson's pay is meh or it's a testiment to how cheap Texas living is as his home only ran 668k.

Jim Syran, Senior VP, Operations and Marketing. Mr. Syran lives roughtly around the 600 block of Pacific View Dr. San Diego CA in a neighborhood that... well, rough estimate 800k

Christopher Trepel PhD, Senior VP, Chief Science Officer. Dr. Trepel resides at 13058 Deer Park Way San Diego CA worth an est 950k. Christopher is the Founder/Manager of Encore Consumer Credit Research. $1500 went to the political action committee.

Ken Vecchione, President. Lives in Arizona at 5340 E. Via Los Caballos Paradise Valley AZ worth an est. 2.2 million.

Sheryl Wright, Senior VP, External Affairs. Ms. Wright lives at 15214 Terrebonne Ct. San Diego CA worth an est. 950k. She gave 5k to the PAC. *She might have been brought to civil court by her home owners association.

SEC Filings released from the company give these following names as "insiders":
Willem Mesdaq, Director
Red Mountain Capital Partners II, LP
Red Mountain Capital Partners III, LP
Red Mountain Capital Partners LLC
Red Mountain Capital Management Inc
Red Mountain Partners, LP
J.C. Flowers & Co, LLC
George Lund, Chairman
Norman R. Sorensen, Director
Warren S. Wilcox, Director
John C. Teets, Director
H. Ronald Weissman, Director
Francis E. Quinlan, Director
John J. Oros
Richard A. Mandell, Director

According to the Nevada Business Entity Search:
Midland Funding and MRC Receivables have 5 agents: J. Brandon Black, Greg Call, Glen Freter, Paul J. Grinberg and historical member Ronald Neaves.

So what does Glen Freter do?

You remember how I said that we would get back to that political action committee?

Encore Capital Group Political Action Committee, treasured by Mr. Freter. In 2012 the PAC received 50k in contributions and gave out (drum roll please) $2000! Where does that 48k go? Well, anywhere Mr. Freter would like it to go from personal expenditures to political campaigns. Who knows.

Anyway, the PAC is at 3111 Camino Del Rio North/Suite 1300/San Diego CA 92108 (also known as Encore Group's corporate headquarters and the address for Midland Funding)

I guess that places us at the business address section of the mess...

Red Mountain Capital Partners LLC (FYI, ran by Willem Mesdaq)
10100 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067

San Diego Operations (and where the business filings in Nevada locate their companies)
8875 Aero Dr.
Ste 200
San Diego, CA

4302 E. Broadway Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85040

16 McLeland Rd
St. Cloud, MN 56303

Propel Financial Service
8203 IH 10W
San Antonio, TX 78230
(for more addresses for this subsidiary go to his website-- it's the business name.com)

Encore Capital Group has been sued 4 times in 4 years in San Diego Country, CA alone! Once by the Electrical Workers Union Pension Fund...

Midland Funding has filed over 300 lawsuits in San Diego County, CA. I apparently can't find out how many because the system limits you to three hundred hits.

I'm going to have to finish later... It's way past my bed time.

More Midland coming... Also Sherman Financial Group (which will take me all day to type out! 50 plus companies and a bazillion people) and One Technologies LP (which has a fun surprise!)

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